Devonville- Story.

For today's post, I decided to share with you a short story that I wrote recently.


    A shiver came over me; as the skies darkened overhead, I was walking towards a city that everyone else seemed to be leaving.
No wonder I had heard bad things about it. Maybe exploring alone wasn’t that much of a great idea. I was feeling strange, but I knew I was prepared for anything. Before leaving home, I made sure to check the internet for any piece of information about the city. Seeing that nothing popped up, I knew I had to visit the place myself in order to understand what was going on.
At one point, no one seemed to be leaving the city anymore. It was as if everyone had already left.
I was walking on a lonely road. The road was narrow, covered by fog. I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t know where I was heading. But I was sure I wanted to enter the city as soon as possible and explore it.
After walking for what felt like an hour, I finally arrived. A huge sign appeared right in front of my eyes saying “Devonville”. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster, but I wasn’t scared.
Maybe I was surprised that I had finally found it: the gate. It was right there, next to the sign, a tall gate covered in locks. I didn’t count them, but there were many.
Then it happened. I saw a small gold key, stuck in one of the locks. Gathering all my power, I started to pull it. It didn’t take long to find myself with the key in my hands. At first I didn’t know what to do with it, but after an hour I realised I had already tried the key on all the locks. None worked.
Then I saw it, a different lock that I hadn’t tried to unlock.
It worked. The gates started to slowly open in front of me. I was shocked. It looked just like my city.

To be continued…

Hope you like it!
I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments! 🙂

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