Ok, this is going to be very random.

One goal that I had set for this month was to do something creative. Anything, from a painting to an edited photo or a collage.

So, the other day, I found myself feeling weirdly inspired and decided to play around in Photoshop.
And what I ended up making is something that I titled “Childish Project”.

This “Childish Project” consists of 2 pictures, one of which is a collage made up of details of some of my paintings and random polka dot textures. Also, both of the pictures are very colourful.
Alright, I should stop talking and show them to you. Here they are!


As you can see, the colour scheme is very playful, as I wanted to create something that looks fun and childish. 🙂

I really hope you like them.
Oh, by the way, you can save them and use them as wallpapers for your phone if you want! 😀

(Edit: Sorry for the loss of quality! If you still want to save them, try opening them in a new tab and saving them from there – the quality might be better that way.)


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