Away for a day

Some photos from my little trip with my mom from today! 😊

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Spot the dogs! haha


I really like how this photo turned out! The sky seems red, almost. So cool πŸ˜€!

That’s it! Hope you like the photos!

Sorry for not posting that much lately, I’ve been busy with school and haven’t been feeling that well. But hey, school is almost over, and I’m better now!
Also, I got a kitten, and she is very needy. That’s not an excuse though, haha. I’ll introduce her to you soon!

I hope you have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Away for a day

  1. aww, i got a kitten too! actually i’m just catsitting her but still lol

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      1. what’s your kitten called?

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      2. Luna! What’s yours? 😊


      3. omg haha i used to have a cat called coco and i almost called her luna! the kitten i’m watching is called sarah. are you a harry potter fan, by any chance ?

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      4. I like the Harry Potter series, for sure, but I watched the movies when I was little, so I don’t remember that much from them. I plan on rewatching all the movies soon though, so maybe I’ll become a fan afterwards!


      5. oh, i was wondering if you named your cat after luna lovegood. i’m a huge animal lover, please post pictures of your cat soon! (if you don’t mind, totally understand if you don’t want to)

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      6. No, I just randomly chose the name. And I’ll definitely post pictures of her soon! πŸ˜€


      7. can’t blame you, it is a very pretty name, with an equally pretty meaning!

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