Meet Luna!

The kitten.

I don’t even know where to start.
Some months ago, a beautiful Russian Blue cat visited our house (yes, she basically came to our front door). We let her in and became friends. It was like she adopted us. After we gave her some food, we opened the front door thinking that she’d want to leave, but she didn’t even try.

Knowing that she might belong to our neighbours, we took her outside and closed the door so she wouldn’t come back in. I know it sounds like a bad thing to do, but she wasn’t ours, so we had to.

After we waited for a bit, I went outside to see if she had gone away, and guess what I saw? The cat. She was still standing there, in front of our house, and when she saw me she meowed and followed me inside, again.

At that point we didn’t know what to do. We gave her some more food, kept her in for a while (she made herself comfortable on our couch) and then took her out again. But that time I didn’t go back out to see if she was gone.

The next day, she came back. And we did the same thing. And then she came back two more times, after which she stopped coming.

Fast forward to now, I have a kitten. Well, let me tell you the story of this one.

I was in my room when I heard a kitten meowing somewhere not very far away. Being the animal lover that I am, I had to go outside and follow the sound to see where it was coming from.

After going out 4 or 5 times (I couldn’t make out where the sound was coming from) I finally saw the kitten. She was in a tree. A big tree with long spikes. She was struggling to come down, but was trapped between two spikes. I couldn’t reach her because there was a fence between me and the tree.

Luckily though, someone saw me trying to get the kitten to come down, and brought a ladder. That’s how we managed to get the kitten. And I’m so thankful for the people who came to help.

And that’s how I ended up with a kitten. I named her Luna. No specific reason, I just really liked the name, haha.

But wait, that’s not all. What about the Russian Blue cat? you might ask.

Well, that’s actually Luna’s mom. How do I know that? The owners told me. They had to get rid of the kitten because they couldn’t take care of it. That’s what they said.
They’re still taking care of the mom though, which is good.

So now, everybody, meet Luna!

She is very cute and energetic. Sometimes a bit too energetic. 😄
She also makes funny faces.


She likes to sleep like this, on people’s shoulders.


Let me know what you think of Luna, because you’ll probably be seeing her on my posts from now on. 😀

Hope you’re having a nice week!


2 thoughts on “Meet Luna!

  1. luna is so adorable!! and the story of how she found you is even more so!

    Liked by 1 person

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